rental agreement

1. deposit (casual hire)

A deposit of $50 per day per room is required at the time of booking for casual room hire. This amount will be deducted from the total cost when the key is returned and the room is left clean and tidy. It is the responsibility of the hirer to leave the room clean and the furniture removed and restacked or stored. If not the deposit will be forfeited to pay for the costs incurred.

2. key

It is the hirer’s responsibility to make arrangements to collect a key during business hours prior to day/s of use and to return key after use. $25.00 key deposit is required at time of collecting the key which will be refunded when the key is returned.

3. care of premises

The hirer agrees to keep the facilities clean, tidy and in good order, to place all refuse in rubbish bins provided and to ensure that anything spilt on the floor is cleaned up. A fee of $50.00 will be charged if carpet cleaning is required.

4. limitations

All candles are to be used in enclosed containers. All decorations, including flowers, are to be removed as soon as practicable after functions. Nails, pins, drawing pins or other fastenings are not to be driven into or affixed to walls or woodwork and adhesive tape is not to be used to fasten or affix items to any wall, window, woodwork or curtains. Nothing indecent, obscene or suggestive is to be displayed or action that may offend. No smoking or consumption of alcohol is allowed on premises. The premises cannot be used for illegal purposes or used in such manner to cause a nuisance to the other neighbouring properties.

5. security

The hirer will ensure that all lights, air conditioning and heating are turned off at departure and the doors and windows securely locked. 

6. damage 

The hirer will give notice to Habitat Uniting Church of any damage to the premises as soon as the hirer becomes aware of the damage. The hirer will pay Habitat Uniting Church the reasonable costs of repairs or replacement to items damaged during or as a result of the hirer’s occupation of the premises. 

7. promotion & association unless otherwise documented 

Room hire at the Centre does not constitute any association between The Habitat Uniting Church and the individual or organisation hiring the room.

Use of the Habitat Uniting Church Logo - The Habitat Uniting Church logo must not be used on any promotional material unless you have obtained prior written permission from the Habitat Uniting Church Minister. 

Casual events and room bookings will not be listed on the Habitat Uniting Church website. 

Habitat Uniting Church will not undertake any promotion or advertising for independent room hire other than to provide the contact details of the hirer where appropriate. Brochures advertising your event maybe left on the display table provided at the Centre for this purpose.

8. insurance

Hirers are responsible for their own property and should arrange insurance accordingly. Public liability insurance is the sole responsibility of the room hirer and proof of cover of $5,000,000 must be attached to the booking application form. 

For one-off hiring by small groups or individuals involved in passive activities, cover can be provided by the Uniting Church as listed below. Cheques to be payable to 'UCA Synod'.

days per annum premium including gst
up to 60 attendees
premium including gst
up to 120 attendees
1-2 days $55 $88
3-5 days $88 $132
6-10 days $132 $165
11-15 days $165 $200

An Application for Hirers Public Liability Insurance (attached) should be completed and forwarded to Habitat Uniting Church with payment so that confirmation of cover can be arranged prior to the event. 

9. indemnity 

The hirer will indemnify Habitat Uniting Church and hold harmless from and against all damages costs, actions claims and demands which may be sustained or suffered or covered against the owner by the hirer. 

10. copyright 

It is a condition of the agreement that where the premises maybe used for a performance of a musical, literary or dramatic work the hirer will obtain any necessary copyright permission. The Hirer hereby acknowledges that it will indemnify Habitat Uniting Church against any liability arising out of the Copyright Act.

11. right of refusal 

Habitat Uniting Church reserves the right of refusal to any potential hirer of rooms for purposes not deemed to be in keeping with the ethos of Habitat Uniting Church. 

12. emergency procedures 

During business hours (Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm), Hirers must register their presence and departure on site at the Habitat Office sign-in book and brief all participants on emergency procedures. Outside business hours, Hirers are responsible for people in their care in the case of an emergency.

13. Cancellations

The $50.00 per day per room deposit will be forfeited:

  • If you cancel less than one month prior to the date of the scheduled event or
  • If you cancel more than one month prior to the scheduled date of the event but the room is not able to be rebooked.

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