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  1. Chineese and Christian Habitat Office 22-Oct-2017
  2. Marriage Inclusivity & the Good Samaritan Habitat Office 03-Sep-2017
  3. Uniting Church Anniversary Habitat Office 30-Jun-2017

retreat in daily life

Centering PrayersCentering prayers for a retreat in daily life

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Our latest Program is now available

To view the latest Habitat Program, click here (/docs/Habitat-Program-Second-Half-2016.pdf). ..

Dance Classes

for Mature Women This is a space for women over the age of 50 to feel enriched, uplifted and..

Circle of Trust

“The underlying foundation for a circle of trust is that we trust the inner teacher, the ..

SWell Conference & Enneagram Workshop

The SWell Centre brings together a group of Spirituality, Health and Wellbeing practitioners with ..

Yoga at SWell

New to Habitat – classes run Monday through Saturday Where: Alexander Room - Habitat Haw..


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