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  1. Milingimbi Habitat Office 12-Jul-2016
  2. Easter Church Services Habitat Office 23-Mar-2016
  3. Supporting Community Renewal Habitat Office 16-Feb-2016

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Our latest Program is now available

To view the latest Habitat Program, click here (/docs/Habitat-Program-Second-Half-2016.pdf). ..

October Retreat in Daily Life

Practicing Presence: Dedicate time and space that suits your style and contemplative prayer can be p..

Retreat Day - Confluence

confluence ˈkɒnflʊəәns/ noun: confluence; plural noun: confluences 1. the junction o..


A practical and experimental workshop on the art of Storytelling The main theme of the day..

Supervision Space

Habitat Supervision Space program is offering practicing supervisors an invitation to join this cont..

Music for Children

MusiCanto Give Your Child Music Pleasure For Life - One's potential to learn is never greater..

Strengthen Your Relationship

Wine and Cheese Evening This workshop is for couples who are considering marriage or who are in a co..


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