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  1. Leaves of change Habitat Office 28-Apr-2017
  2. Easter: disrupts the statu quo Habitat Office 15-Apr-2017
  3. Awaken abundant life Habitat Office 02-Apr-2017

retreat in daily life

Centering PrayersCentering prayers for a retreat in daily life

what's happening

Our latest Program is now available

To view the latest Habitat Program, click here (/docs/Habitat-Program-Second-Half-2016.pdf). ..

Dance Classes

for Mature Women This is a space for women over the age of 50 to feel enriched, uplifted and..

Lent 2017

Habitat has created 'A Journey Through Lent' - a series of readings for the 40 days of Lent. ..

Circle of Trust

“The underlying foundation for a circle of trust is that we trust the inner teacher, the ..

Decluttering Workshop

In today’s culture we are told that we need so much to be happy. We are bombarded with t..

Reading Theology

Come and join a stimulating conversation as we read and discuss engaging contemporary theologi..

SWell Conference & Enneagram Workshop

The SWell Centre brings together a group of Spirituality, Health and Wellbeing practitioners with ..

Yoga at SWell

New to Habitat – classes run Monday through Saturday Where: Alexander Room - Habitat Haw..

Open Studio

for SWell community members In preparation for the upcoming SWell conference, Michelle Morgan (..


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