Sunday Worship Services are now Online!

In lieu of meeting together in person, we are going to try worshiping together on Sunday mornings in cyberspace – that is, on the internet! Now, we know that this might bring up feelings of trepidation for some, and so we are asking you to walk on through that fear, and go on a learning journey with us. We think you will surprise yourself with what you can do!

There are two ways of joining us.

Option 1 requires the internet, and Option 2 only needs a telephone.

Option 1: Use your mobile phone, tablet or computer & visit:

(Using this option, you can see peoples faces!

You can choose to be seen and heard via your device,

or you can just watch and listen in private, it's up to you!)

Option 2: Use a telephone to call this number: 03 7018 2005.

(With this option you can hear everybody's voices,

but won't be able to see anything.)


If you are asked for a Meeting ID at any point, it is 242 054 779

We suggest you do this at 9:30am on Sunday, allowing 5-10 minutes to

download the program to your device which I promise is very simple.

The service will start at 10am.

Please call Andreana  0439 375 718  if you get stuck!

Alternatively, call Andrea Duke  0413 878 669  and I can guide you.

See you all online!

Please note: This will be our usual Sunday morning worship service

until further notice!


Habitat Uniting Church Office
2 Minona Street, Hawthorn VIC
phone 9819 2844

St David's Centre
cnr Burke & Mont Albert Rds
Canterbury VIC

Habitat Spirituality Centre
@ Augustine

2 Minona St, Hawthorn VIC

Kew Uniting Church
23 Highbury Grove