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Reading Group

Enjoy reading Theological books and discussing together in the community context.

When: 6 Fridays each term from 9:30 – 11
Where: Sacred Space, Habitat Hawthorn
Facilitators: Rev. Joan Wright Howie & Rev. Craig Thompson
Enquiries: Habitat Office, 9819 2844 or office@habitatforspirituality.org.au

Change Made Simple: an introduction to personal change

Are you stuck in a rut? Frustrate, thinking is this as good as it gets? Have you longed for change but feel confused and don’t know where to start? The change Lounge presents a motivational seminar that demystifies the change process and reacquaints you with your goals. It takes you back to who you are, what you value most and the direction you want to head and find change that will last. 

When: Tuesdays 6:30 – 9:30: 24th April, 22nd
May, 19th June 6
Where: Sacred Space, Habitat Hawthorn
Facilitators: Rita D’Adamo
Enquiries: 0409 922 288 or the changelounge@iinet.net.au

Knowing me, Understanding others

Part One: Introduction to the Enneagram

At the core of the desire to heal, grow and deepen our faith is the yearning to experience God’s presence and discover our Divine nature, our True Self. The Enneagram is an insightful ‘map’ for identifying the personality features that keep us trapped in our ego, our false self. 

This workshop will lead you into a deeper understanding of yourself and others and start the process of integrating your personality. With more awareness of why you do what you do, there is an opportunity to experience more of the nature of God.

Part Two: Journeying with the Enneagram
The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding your personality – your behaviours, motivations, fears and desires – as well as awakening your authentic soul gifts. At its deepest level, it is not about putting you into a rigid or static box, but rather accessing and integrating the full spectrum of your being, and living that in a practical and multi-dimensional way.

You will learn how to apply your understanding of the Enneagram to real life situations.
This workshop will also offer some effective spiritual and psychological practices to assist you in deepening your experience with the Enneagram.

When: TBA
Where: Sacred Space, Habitat Hawthorn
Cost: $169
Facilitator: Margaret Loftus
Bookings & Enquiries: 0418 375 229, marg@margaretloftus.com or www.margaretloftus.com

Integral Philosophy Discussions

Influenced by the writings of Jean Gebser and Ken Wilber, this informal discussion group covers a broad range of topics including developmental psychology, complexity, knowledge theory, dialectic critical realism and integration.

When: 1st Wednesday, 7pm-9pm
Where: The Library, SWell Centre
Facilitator: Brendan Cartmel
Bookings & Enquiries: 0427 560 724

Sanity School

At last support for parents with complex kids. Sanity School is a fabulous 6 session program where you’ll learn the skills to move from chaos to calm, stress to strategy and ultimately have more peace and success in your home. This is no ordinary parenting group. Material was created by award-winning Impact ADHD. 

When: 6 weeks each term
Where: Sacred Space, Habitat Hawthorn
Cost: $550
Facilitator: Jodi Green & Joan Wright Howie
Enquiries: jodi7911@gmail.com
Bookings: SWell Office, 9819 2844

Psychodrama Peer Training

Members who have completed the AANZ Psychodrama Association Core Curriculum Training are invited to join this peer group who meet regularly to gain experience in therapeutic group work leadership.

When: 3rd Sunday, 2:30pm–4:30pm
Where: The Library, SWell Centre
Enquiries: Brendan Cartmel, 0427 560 724

Recovery is Possible for Everyone (RIPE)

The RIPE group program is part of Body Positive Australia that offers support through your journey of recovery. Fiona is an accredited practicing dietitian who specialises in eating disorders and eating behaviour.

When: Saturday, 9am-11am
Where: The Library, SWell Centre
Cost: $195 first session (half day workshop), $75 per session Medicare/other rebates.
Facilitator: Fiona Sutherland
Bookings & Enquiries: 0403 823 033, www.bodypositiveaustralia.com.au

Non-Violent Communication

The NVC Melbourne Community is committed to learning and sharing skills in compassionate communication that contribute to deeper self-empathy, social and family wellbeing. Register online and come along to experience one of our monthly community afternoons to learn and experience the qualities of compassionate relating. Regular two-day NVC Foundation Trainings available, plus advanced programs for facilitators. 

When: TBA
Where: SWell Centre
Facilitator: Cherie Scott
Bookings & Enquiries: 0412 619 984, www.nvcmelbourne.com or NVC office 8658 0776


The activities and programs above are facilitated by a variety of Habitat Uniting Church members, partners and associates. The content of programs is the responsibility of facilitators and not Habitat Uniting Church.

When enrolling please check the guidelines for enquiries and bookings to indicate whether to book through the Habitat office, or directly with the facilitator.

For activities facilitated by Habitat Uniting Church please follow the following procedure:
Contact the office by:

  • telephone 9819 2844, or 
  • by email office@habitatforspirituality.org.au giving your name, contact telephone number, email address if applicable and the name of the course, or
  • use the booking request form below.

booking request form

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Once your enrolment has been confirmed payment instructions will be advised to you. Payment can be made by either:

Direct payment to Bendigo Bank BSB 633 000
Acc. number 1379 13604
Acc. Name: Habitat Uniting Church
Reference: Your name and event

Or by calling the office, Tuesday to Thursday, 9.30am-4pm, with your credit card details.


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