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Reflections from habitat uniting church's minister, Rev Joan Wright Howie.

Leaves of change

Friday, April 28, 2017
As the days grow steadily shorter and the leaves of change on the trees turn beautiful shades of gold, orange and crimson, winter approaches. Called out to the park by the autumn sunshine, kids throw leaves in the air and watch them fall. Well-groomed people power-walk, crunching, whooshing through and charging on. Autumn leaves feature in these inner eastern suburbs with their golden and rust red streets. Council newsletters inform us about sweeping up the fall. The autumn also sweeps up a needs in people finding living hard. Living costs and job loss create distress and trauma; the trap of poverty and circumstance; a rising fear and far right politics flies it’s flag - and people look! As church we’re called to welcome those blown off the streets with greetings of compassion.

Let’s look amidst the leaves as Jesus looked, and see the wounded world rust red. We collect our favourite leaves and carry them home. Like tongues of fire they remind me of Pentecost flames falling on the crowd.

Let’s pool resources to share the gifts we have in loving neighbours who might fall.

Let’s tune our bodies to sense the movements of the Holy Spirit in our lives and all around. Let’s find words to speak of the life of God whose very breath throws leaves up in the air with hope that we will notice when they fall.


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